Creative, high-performing teams.

Collaborative, energised conference sessions.

Out-of-the-box brainstorming solutions.

Discover the power of play with Trash Puppets.

In today's workplace it's more important than ever to utilise creativity to encourage and foster innovation. Through our creative puppet making workshops, participants connect with physical materials, engage their imaginations, and take on a new challenge, all while sharing the experience with their colleagues.

Guided by our Trash Leaders, each participant creates their very own unique Trash Puppet. Puppetry is an incredibly diverse art form. And the process of creating a puppet from scratch requires a great deal of problem solving skill and innovative thinking.

And that's just the beginning..

It works because there’s no rules. Rules are the thing that constrains peoples’ creativity - particularly in the workplace. The more rules the more regulations, the less likely it is for someone to come up with a good idea.
— OD Australia Member

High-performing teams are creative teams

We are passionate about the transformative power of creativity.

Through our unique workshops, participants experience the challenge of bringing an idea into reality. Requiring complex problem-solving (and humility!), building a puppet is a great way to experience creative risk-taking in a supportive environment.

Including both individual and group activities, Trash Puppets is a unique learning experience for leadership teams and a great leveler for offices of all sizes

Conferences that inspire connection

Break up a day of speeches + powerpoint with our hands on learning experiences.

Lead by our team of Trash Leaders, we can kick off your day as an awesome, collaborative ice breaker, blow away your 'post-lunch slump', and encourage participants to explore the conference theme through the creative medium of puppetry.

We'd love to partner with you to develop the perfect activity to suit your conference outcomes.

Incubating your team's creativity

Whether you're reshaping your brand story, undergoing organisational change, or planning for the year ahead - we tailor programs for getting your team into a different head space.

Our activities:

  • foster diverse, innovative thinking
  • encourage empathy and clear communication
  • reward creative risk-taking
  • build trust, rapport and positive team dynamics.
The thing that got me was how applicable it is to team work and actually understanding what part you play within your team.
— OD Australia Member

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