Educational Workshops

Trash Puppets offers a uniquely fun way for teachers and students to get hands on with sustainability.

Our workshops teach participants the basics of puppetry and offer guidance on construction, mechanisms, and performance. We are not prescriptive with the creative process, instead, our team offers positive creative experiences for all. With this foundation, we support participants to bring their own unique, trash puppet vision to life.

Home-sourced recyclables form a core part of our 'recycle and reduce' experience. By collecting materials for the workshop from home, students gain a more holistic understanding of their own impact on the Earth (through what’s being thrown away at home) and of their personal part to play in sustainability (through recycling, reducing, and reusing). 

All trash puppet workshops use 100% recycled/ reused materials. No paint or glue.


Primary and Secondary Schools

We tailor our workshops to the grade of students participating. 

Our Schools' Workshops:

  • encourage creative, reflective, and critical thinking,

  • get students solving complex supply and design problems,

  • offer opportunities to plan, experiment, take risks, and question,

  • impart meaningful puppetry knowledge, puppet-making technique,

  • give tangible experience of core sustainability principles,

  • build confidence in personal creative expression.

Workshop duration: 2hrs (plus 1hr set up/ trash collection sorting)

Cost: Varies depending on group size and school location.


*Note: travel costs apply for schools more than 30min from Melbourne CBD. We offer discounts for multiple workshops.

Early learning centres

Kinder kids love the tactile experience of Trash Puppets! With this age group, we aim for each child to create a glove puppet. For groups with children under 4, we recommend parents work as a team with their child to create their puppet.

Workshop duration: 90min

Cost: Varies depending on group size and centre location.


*Note: travel costs apply for schools more than 30min from Melbourne CBD. We offer discounts for multiple workshops.


Teachers Professional development

We love helping teachers get creative! 

The Trash Puppets experience for teachers includes a tailored version of our puppet making workshop, alongside time for reflection and discussion.

Our workshop is a great stand-alone activity, or as part of a training day.

Cost: Varies depending on location and group size.

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