It all started when...

...Jhess Knight was undertaking a Masters at the London School of Puppetry. 

During her studies, Jhess' teachers encouraged her to create "mock ups" of her puppets. Quick and rough, these puppets were usually thrown together with basic materials such as newspaper or cardboard. Jhess often loved the mock ups more than their more finished counterparts. Their simplicity was incredibly charming and made them even more magical when they came to life. 

Upon returning to Melbourne, Jhess met up with her dear friend Lucy Kate for dinner. 

Lucy had recently left a career in sales & marketing and had also just completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology).

Jhess showed Lucy some of her mock up puppets, and Lucy immediately saw the potential for these puppets to engage and educate people around the concepts of sustainability. 

Jhess started testing her workshop ideas in schools and Trash Puppets was officially launched in July 2015.