Zero Waste Birthday Parties brought to you by Trash Puppets

Want a birthday party that is unique and fun, whilst also caring for Mother Earth?Now there's Trash Puppets 'Zero Waste Birthday Parties'!


We can host 'Zero Waste Birthday Parties' at The Eco Centre or Your Home! 

Incorporating our awesome Trash Puppets Puppet Making Workshop our parties show guests how to make their very own puppet using recycled / reused materials. Each partygoer leaves with an original, working puppet as a souvenir from the party.

If you cant make it to the Eco Centre in St Kilda, we'd love to come to you!

Why ‘Zero Waste’?

Zero Waste add's two more R's to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ - 'Rethink' and 'Refuse'.

What could you say 'no thanks' to today that saves landfill and wasted resources?

By introducing the concept of Zero Waste through a fun and playful event, we aim to give everyone involved a positive experience to start them on the road towards more sustainable living.


What’s included?

Our party package includes:

  • Venue hire with access to a kitchen

    • Party runs two hours plus 30min either side for set up and pack up

  • Trash Leader to run your party

    • Parties over 10 kids will have two Trash Leaders

  • Trash Puppets making workshop

    • Including all puppet-making supplies (the ‘trash’)

  • Party games

  • Puppet ‘meet and greet’ (interactive performance)

  • Trash decorations and handmade Trash Crown for the birthday child

  • Reusable serving ware (bowls, plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives)

BYO food and drink (Note: Parties at the EcoCentre must comply with the Zero Waste Guidelines)



For information on pricing contact email us or call 0406 310 144 


A little more on ‘Zero Waste’

  • Zero Waste means we Refuse and Rethink disposable items at our parties. No plastic bags, no single-use plates/ decorations/ prizes/ loot bags etc.

  • We "wash against waste" - Providing you with reusable serving-ware means doing a few dishes at the end of the party, but it helps reduce reliance on disposable products.  

  • We decorate the room with homemade, reused decorations.

  • Any single-use items you do bring will be incorporated into the ‘trash pile’ for puppet-making.